Development Stack

We are mainly developing software using:

  • Java (Spring, REST, Hibernate)
  • NodeJS and JavaScript
  • MySQL/MariaDB, MongoDB
  • VueJS, AngularJS
  • R, Julia

Custom Software Projects

We are aiming to develop custom software at a qualitatively high standard to make maintainance on our client's side as easy as possible.
Moreover, we want to integrate our customers into the development and provide short feedback cycles to keep the development time short and provide a customer an early experience of parts of the products.


We are providing several consulting services and assist in setup of infrastructure, development and continous integration (e.g. GitLab, Sonar, TeamCity, YouTrack), team building and management and provide valuable feedback to current setups.

Information and Quotes

For further information or a quote, please drop us an email or a short call to discuss the details of your needs.